At Admin without Borders our teams are led by Online Business Managers who plan, manage and keep things moving.
Let us keep you focused on your WHY, while we take over the tasks that keep you away from your bigger goals. Helping you leverage your business by creating systems and automating processes. When we leave your business, it will be better off than how we found it. You can rest assured, we have your back.

Imagine running your business where

  • You have systems in place preventing things falling through the cracks.
  • You have automations in place, your leads are prompted by friendly reminders.
  • Your projects are tracked with deadlines aligned to your objectives.
  • You spending less time putting out fires, and more time strategizing.
  • You are able to take an unplugged vacation.

Hi, I’m Wendy

The Founder of Admin Without Borders is Wendy Burger, who has been running a virtual support service since August 2011. 

The clients we support are Leadership Coaches, Consultants, trainers and non-profits focusing on Girl and Women Empowerment.

At Admin without Borders, the team get satisfaction from helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs realize their business goals and focus on the things only they can do in their business. It all starts with booking your discovery call with us.

Admin Without Borders regularly researches websites of all the major funding agencies, and provides weekly intelligence reporting on available infrastructure projects in Africa, which can be expedited by South African Professional and Construction Services companies to tender on as South Africa Inc.

Admin without Borders is relevant, creative, trustworthy, value adding, sticking to core business and professional.

– Con Korsten, Bepec

Admin without Borders helped me organize a very successful networking event, saving me a tremendous amount of time. As an added bonus, they helped me achieve my attendance goal.

It was like a breath of fresh air to have someone take initiative, make suggestions, kept me updated with the progress and ALSO prompt me for progress on my side.

Admin without Borders is professional, efficient, friendly, helpful, well organized, competent, resourceful and skilled

– Francis van Wyk, Create Client Chemistry

support we Offer

Team Management

You have a team or growing a team and want more alignment between team members, keeping track of functions and project deadlines.

Support for Growth

When growing, there are many moving parts. Have systems in place to not loose momentum, and to avoid things being overlooked.

Starting out Support

Just starting with your  business and need support to keep the momentum going, setting up systems and automations to keep

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