What does it mean to be Professional?

11396181-red-jigsaw-puzzle-piece-in-3d-in-a-wall-of-grey-piecesWe often hear the term PROFESSIONAL and we automatically assign a definition to it that a person is educated in their vocation.  Therefore the professionals will be the doctors, dentists, psychologists, lawyers etc.


I believe that professionalism is an attitude and behaviour.  I took some time to discover what it means to be professional and came up with the following points:


  • A professional learns every aspect of the job while an amateur will skip the learning processes.
  • A professional carefully discovers what is needed and wanted, without assuming what others need and want.
  • Looks, speaks and dresses like a professional, not sloppy in speech and dress.
  • They keep their work area clean and orderly.
  • They are focused and clear-headed.
  • Mistakes are addressed and not left to slide by.
  • They readily jump into difficult assignments.
  • They typically complete projects and tasks as soon as possible.
  • They remain level headed and optimistic.
  • A professional handles money and accounts very carefully.
  • They are able to face up to the other person’s upsets and problems.
  • They use higher emotional tones such as enthusiasm, cheerfulness, interest and contentment.
  • This type of person persists until an objective is achieved.
  • A professional produces more than expected.
  • You can expect them to produce high quality products and services.
  • They have a promised future.


What does being professional mean to you?