Monthly Retainer Packages

Every business has different administrative requirements and to create a one size fits all package is not an optimal solution for each business.

The a pay as you go rate is available, and is a suitable way to start the working relationship. I advise this for a 3 month period, then to migrate to a retainer based package.  When choosing the retainer option, we request a minimum of 5 hours be retained a month.  Hours not used will be carried over for 90 days from time of purchase.

The benefits of Retainer Packages

  • Brain storm ideas for newsletters, blog posts and business development strategies.
  • Assurance that your administration is handled, whether it's formatting presentations or proposals while you are presenting your workshop and seminars.
  • Your deadlines are met, you become more productive, and have more head space to be creative.
  • The working relationship grows as your business grows and needs change.
  • You can budget and plan better by knowing the rate up front.