Integrity – Quality of an Ideal Client

Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.

Oprah Winfrey

Admin without Borders has an ideal client profile.  This blog will only discuss one of the qualities, which I believe to be important for both the client and the Administrative Consultant.

Integrity is one of the qualities that contribute to building a good relationship between a Client and the Administrative Consultant.  This quality should be displayed in both parties.

The ideal client is delegating their administration of the organization believing that the Administrative Consultant will provide the service which is offered.  With administration being the backbone of any organization a good system in place improves the organizations effectiveness in service delivery.  The client will need some assurance that they have made the right decision by partnering with an Administrative Consultant.  The Administrative Consultant will need some reassurance that the client is a right match.  A set of behavior will provide this reassurance.

I refer to the chapter on Integrity by Stephen R Covey in his book on Everyday Greatness.  He makes a few statements regarding integrity which are apt.  He defines people with integrity as follows:

  • Their words match their deeds and their behavior mirrors their values.
  • Their honesty and ethics can be trusted unconditionally.
  • They honor commitments.
  • They are dependable.
  • They are known for doing the right things, for the right reasons, at the right times.

These statements mirror the values of Admin without Borders.  The values of providing a service and meeting a clients requirements.  Understanding that meeting deadlines has an impact on the clients commitments to others.  Reassuring a client that I do what I said I will do.  That I run my business within the laws that govern South Africa and I pay my taxes.

Admin without Borders ideal client will also match these statements.  For a positive partnership to flourish, it is important that these qualities are present.  The client is honest and their ethics can be trusted.  There are many opportunities to make a quick buck in the business world, however, I will work with honest, hard working clients who respect the laws governing the business environment, including paying their taxes.

They are dependable, and pay their accounts on time knowing that the service they have received matches the value they are paying.  That what they are saying matches what they are doing.

Integrity builds the trust foundation for having a successful partnership between a client and an administrative consultant.