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Small business owners find that their business fluctuates between feast and famine. The feast is when they have been awarded that large project that keeps them busy for a few months. The famine hits, when the project ends, and there is no work in the pipeline, so the phone calls and connections start again to get clients into the pipeline, until a project is landed; and the cycle begins again. A better way is to stay in touch with your community using Email Marketing.

Professional newsletters are a proven way to drastically increase visibility and improve sales. With Email Marketing, clients will be ready and able to send professionally branded emails to their community, stay in front of their audience on a regular basis, and easily obtain valuable statistics.

The role of Email Marketing is to assist in moving a customer from one stage of the customer journey to the Next. From becoming aware of your brand, to downloading your lead magnet to eventually buying a product or service, to buying more value added offers you make. Emails can be transactional, relational or promotional.

A common lie many fall for is "THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST!"

Based on this misconception, business owners add names to their list, (not permission based), not only is this illegal, it leads to poor Email Marketing performance and at worst you are labelled a spammer. This leaves the business owner disappointed in Email Marketing efforts and abandoning their ad hoc exercise.

It's important not to only focus on growing your list, but to spend time and effort on what are you going to do with the list you have grown?

Your number one priority is to figure out how you can monetize a new lead or subscriber once you have it. Having a promotional calendar is an important part of your Email Marketing strategy, so that your efforts aren't random, but purposeful with a goal in mind.

Admin without Borders can help you implement your Email Marketing Strategy using MailChimp as the platform.

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