Small business owners find that their business fluctuates between feast and famine.  The feast is when they have been awarded that large project that keeps them busy for a few months.  The famine hits, when the project ends, and there is no work in the pipeline, so the phone calls and connections start again to get clients into the pipeline, until a project is landed; and the cycle begins again.  A better way is to stay in touch with your community using e-newsletters. Professional newsletters are a proven way to drastically increase visibility and improve sales.  With the e-newsletter, clients will be ready and able to send professionally branded emails to community, stay in front of their audience on a regular basis, and easily obtain valuable statistics. Email newsletters can play a very crucial part in marketing your message, and are proven to provide a high rate of return.

e-Newsletter Setup Package

  • Opening an account on MailChimp
  • Import up to 2000 email contacts list using Excel or CVS file
  • Create one template with using the client’s images and logos
  • Link the account to Twitter and Facebook accounts for the client (if required)
  • Newsletter sign up code supplied for client’s web designer to add to Client’s website

e-Newsletter Support

  • The client will supply content in Word document format.
  • A test of the e-Newsletter will be sent to the client for approval.
  • On approval, the e-Newsletter will be sent to the relevant subscriber list.
  • The client will be supplied with a statistical report regarding the success of the campaign.
  • Subscriber list management