Ongoing Administration for Coaches & Consultants

Every Business is different and needs are different.  Ongoing administrative services will keep you focused on your key strengths and passions while your administration is handled by Admin without Borders.

The typical client Admin without Borders supports is Executive/Leadership Coaches and Consultants.  You are serving the corporate environment and do have a full time employee. While you are on site facilitating workshops, you still have proposals to submit, vendor documents to fill out, administer a survey for your next project, and so the list continues.

Admin without Borders takes this burden off your shoulders offers the following offsite adminstrative support:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Database Management
  • Travel Bookings
  • Invoicing
  • Internet Research
  • Profile updating
  • General Administration
  • Setting up Surveys and distribution
  • Training Manuals / Workbook creating
  • Proposal / Report Formatting
  • Enneagram Ordering and distributing links and reports
  • Vendor Document

The value of Admin without Borders is not in the list of services, but the time you gain by not doing these functions yourself.

Imagine you are presenting in a workshop all week, and you will be presenting again next week to a different client, whose needs are different to this week's client.  Normally you just work in the evenings getting everything done, and maybe the weekend as well.  Your family complain because they don't see you.  Some relationships are a bit strained, but you don't have the time to deal with the issues. This is the value of Admin without Borders - you have somebody who prepares those slides and handbooks while you are busy.  Your family gets your attention.  Your relationships benefit.  The quality of your life improves.

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